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Why the Need for an Inspection and a "Pool Safety Certificate"?

Recent legislative change in Queensland has resulted in the phased introduction of new Pool Safety laws, which now apply to both new and existing pools & spas.    These new requirements can vary depending on the type of pool and the use of the property, and also vary in the time granted to pool owners to finally obtain a "Pool Safety Certificate".

Eventually, ALL regulated pools in Queensland will require compliance with the current Pool Safety Standard .     Subject to the use of the property, (eg. leased) the pool may require an inspection by a Licensed Pool Safety Inspector and depending on a pools classification, may require a Pool Safety Certificate to be renewed every 12 or 24 months.

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Not Sure if Your Pool or Spa Complies?
Concerned that a few minor faults will jeopardise your Pool Safety Certificate?

Then simply contact us to discuss your concerns or other technical queries first.    Better still.... why not email us a few photos of your situation, and we'll glady offer you some complimentary advice to consider?

    • Remember, we represent one of only a few specialist Pool Safety Inspectors in SE Queensland licenced and insured to complete "minor-repairs" under the Building Act 1975.    Often nonconforming items, (such as a gate not latching properly) can legally be adjusted by us "on-the-spot", saving you the expense of a mandatory re-inspection, and most importantly avoiding any delay in issuing your Pool Safety Certificate!

      Often, what you would spend with other Pool Safety Inspectors just on the re-inspection, you could afford the "minor repairs" conducted by QCHECK on-the-spot.    Consider this when choosing your Pool Safety Inspector!
Does Your Pool Fence Need Upgrading or Rectification ?
Searching for a specialist who knows the requirements and can also Do the Work ?

QCHECK is a full-service Pool Safety Inspection, Certification & Rectification business.    We are committed to professional pool safety, and not focused on simply selling inspections and reinspections....

    • We offer a comprehensive service that is committed to seeing your Pool Safety Certificate issued, as promptly and as cost-effectively as possible.

      Whether you are in need of some basic minor repairs, or perhaps require major upgrades or modifications to your Pool Safety Barrier to meet the current requirements, QCHECK can help.    From the simple replacement of magnetic latches, to window security screens, basic tubular fencing, and the latest designer fully-frameless glass fencing panels, QCHECK is a specialist in compliant Pool Safety Barriers in Queensland.